Tater Chip the Rescue Dog

Meet The Rescue: “Tater Chip”

An old metal culvert ran underneath the county road for about 30 feet, connecting drainage ditches on either side. It usually held 5 or 6 inches of runoff, but on this day it was holding more than just water.

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Meet our rescue dog, Bud E. Boy. He's an Australian Shepherd or Cattle Dog mix

Meet The Rescue: “Bud E. Boy”

Bud E. Boy set a world record time for warming up to his new humans. The morning started with him scared and yapping at us from several hundred yar...

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Buzzy Buzz - Our German Shepherd Rescue Dog

Meet The Rescue: “Buzzy Buzz”

He was wet. He was cold. He was hungry. And he was scared. He had a broken toe, a broken tooth, and, judging from the look in his eyes, he wasn’t t...

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Huck the Rescue Hound - Treeing Walker Coonhound, American Foxhound

Meet The Rescue: “Huckle B”

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly when Huck finally adopted us. He showed up on the porch one night, and then he was gone the next morning. Then he cam...

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Camo the Catahoula Leopard Rescue Dog

Meet The Rescue: "Camo"

“What in the hell is that?” I blurted out loud at the weirdness I’d just witnessed. There between the trees was what first appeared to be the stran...

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