Buddy Boy, our Australian Shepherd mix rescue

Big Bad Bud (with apologies to Jimmy Dean)

Big Bad Bud (with apologies to Jimmy Dean)

I sing to our dogs. They don’t know just how badly though as none of them are what you’d call “musically inclined.” One of my favorite victims is Buddy Boy, our rescued Australian Shepherd / Cattle Dog / Whatever mix. I’m pretty sure ol’ Bud is completely tone deaf so he probably thinks I’m a regular Billy Eyelash.

Buddy Boy the rescue dog

Our song of choice is an original -- “Big Bad Bud” -- sung to the tune of “Big Bad John,” written by Jimmy Dean somewhere back around the Paleozoic era. Whenever our little man hears me singing this ballad in his direction he perks up big time. It’s almost better than a belly rub. Not quite, but almost.

So, without further introduction, here’s our ode to Buddy Boy:

“Big Bad Bud”

He stands about two foot tall and he’s shaped like a roast
His feet are white like Casper the Ghost
They got him fixed when he was a bit too young
Now some folks say he’s poorly hung, ‘cept Big Bud
Big Bud … Big Bad Bud!

Little Man showed up one day just outta the blue
He weren’t sure he was staying but we surely knew
Now he’s got a good spot at the end of our bed
All that’s required is a pat on the head, of Big Bud
Big Bud … Big Bad Bud!

They say he’s Australian Shepherd or a Cattle Dog mix
He don’t care. He’s gettin’ his licks.
He’s a momma’s boy and he’s got no shame
Snuggle time is the favorite game, for Big Bud
Big Bud … Big Bad Bud!

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