Our family has gotten to be quite large, and it continues to grow. We refuse to say “no” when an animal in need shows up on our porch. There’s something in their eyes that connects with us and they're immediately welcomed into our growing family.

Every sale on this site provides care for our rescue dogs (and a cat!) -- food, treats, medicine, vet bills, and more. And we are extremely grateful to everyone who buys dog toys here. Thank you so much for your support!



Dog Toy FAQ

What are the best dog toys for my pups?

The best dog toys for your babies depend on a few different factors. Age, personality, playtime habits, health and other issues determine the appropriate style toy for your pooch. For example, a soft little plush dog toy designed for puppies will probably not hold up to playtime with bigger tougher chewers. On the other hand, large hard rubber chew toys designed for the big boys will certainly not be the best puppy toys.


What are some different types of dog toys?

At JoePup we feature good toys for dogs of every size and shape. Plush dog toys typically stuffed with a soft cuddly fill are perfect for snuggling with both puppies as well as seniors. Find a variety of dog chew toys or rope and tug dog toys that may be better for more active hounds and tougher chewers. Of course they all love to play with dog balls, flying discs and other fetch toys. Finally, discover interactive dog toys like puzzles, games and treat dispensers designed to keep ‘em mentally stimulated and entertained for hours.


Is there such a thing as indestructible dog toys?

There are many durable dog toy brands on the market today. Manufacturers like Tuffy dog toys and the KONG company make some extremely tough chew and fetch toys. In our experience though, there’s always a hound around that can chew through just about anything. In our opinion, despite the best efforts of companies like Kong dog toys, Tuffy and others, there’s just no such thing as a truly 100 percent indestructible dog toy.