Tater Chip the Rescue Dog

Meet The Rescue: “Tater Chip”

Meet The Rescue: “Tater Chip”

An old metal culvert ran underneath the county road for about 30 feet, connecting drainage ditches on either side. It usually held 5 or 6 inches of runoff, but on this day it was holding more than just water. As we drove up, 4 solid black puppies splashed through the ditch and took cover inside the pipe. With no houses for miles in either direction, these dogs were obviously abandoned.

Tater Chip the rescue dog

Trying to outsmart this particular litter of pups proved to be a bit more of a challenge than we expected. It took several hours but we finally managed to catch one of ‘em just before dark. We decided to come back in the morning for the rest of the pack. When we returned that next day, however, some other folks were already doing the rescuing so we let ‘em handle it and went back home to take care of the one we had.

As with every rescue animal we adopt, we took this one to the vet right away for shots, flea and tick meds, heart worm pills, spay or neuter as necessary, etc. She’s a Lab mixed with some sort of hound dog. She’s really a pretty girl. We call her Tater Chip ‘cause she just “Lays” around (sorry).

Tater Chip our Lab mix rescue dog

Today, Tater rooms with her adopted brother Huck in their own private kennel and run. Most days she spends wrestling with Huck and lounging in the dirt. She has a particular hatred for any bird that flies over, but she especially dislikes buzzards. She let’s em have it with both barrels anytime they circle overhead. The buzzards don’t seem bothered though.


  • Name: Tater Chip
  • Breed: Lab/Hound mix
  • Born: Fall 2020
  • Adopted: March 2021
  • Favorite Toy: A Rock
  • Favorite Snack: Pup-Peroni Jerky Treats

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