Meet our rescue dog, Bud E. Boy. He's an Australian Shepherd or Cattle Dog mix

Meet The Rescue: “Bud E. Boy”

Meet The Rescue: “Bud E. Boy”

Bud E. Boy set a world record time for warming up to his new humans. The morning started with him scared and yapping at us from several hundred yards away. By lunchtime Bud was riding along in the front passenger seat of the Gator like he owned the place.

Meet Buddy, our Australian Shepherd mix rescue dog

As we do with every other “show up” dog, we took Bud E. Boy to the vet to have him checked out. No chip. Fixed up a few rough spots on him typical of being lost in the woods for several days. And got him up to date on shots and lined out with flea and tick as well as heartworm meds. He’d already been fixed so nothing much to work with there.

We tried to encourage our new Little Man to be an outside dog, but he weaseled his way in to the house, applying for refugee status as well as membership into the coveted “Insiders Gang.” Both were granted.

He spends most of his day thinking about squirrels. Not actually chasing squirrels, just thinking about ‘em. When he needs to though, ol’ Buddy can spring into action like a proper “man of the house” should. Like when he cornered a five-foot long rattlesnake just outside the kitchen door. Or that time he scared off the baby deer that was looking cross-eyed at us from the front lawn.

Rescue dog Buddy riding in the front seat!

Bud’s two most favorite things in the whole world are riding and napping. And he’s a pro at both of ‘em. In the truck, he sits up in the passenger seat, keeping an eye on the road ahead at all times. He’s an awesome navigator. But, where Boudreaux truly excels is naptime. He’s somehow convinced Human Mama to set him up in the living room with a small mattress, a fleece blanket and … wait for it … a heating pad!

Don’t ever say we don’t spoil ‘em around here.


  • Name: Bud E. Boy (aka Buddy aka Fat Buddy aka Boudreaux)
  • Breed: Australian Shepherd / Cattle Dog mix
  • Born: Summer 2016
  • Adopted: June 2019
  • Favorite Toy: PrideBites Squirrel Plush Dog Toy
  • Favorite Snack: Pup-Peroni Lean Beef

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