Bam Bam one of our first rescue dogs

Meet The Rescue: "Bam Bam Pretty Girl"

Meet The Rescue: "Bam Bam Pretty Girl"

The car barely came to a stop before the door flew open and out she went in one quick toss. She’d never seen this place before. Strange houses. Strange people. Strange day indeed. She turned back to look for the car carrying her people but it was gone. How confusing. How suddenly scared she was. The people she thought were her family had just abandoned her. Her ears and tail dropped as her little heart sank.

The phone rang. It was one of the managers from the restaurant we worked at. A customer just stopped in with a puppy they’d seen get tossed out of a car in their nearby neighborhood. The customer was looking for someone to take the dog as she herself was unable. The manager texted us a quick photo of this little black dog and that’s all it took. The pup’s luck was about to change. In less than an hour, she was in a new home with a new family, a family that would never abandon her.

Bam Bam Pretty Girl, or Bam Bam for short. That was the first shot at a name and it stuck. Oh, she’s been called lots of other names since: Blackie, Sparkles, Peggy Leggy, Papa Giorgio, Bamarooski … whatever’s clever at the moment really. She don’t care. Call her anything as long as you call her for dinner. And snacks. She won’t miss her snacks. We’re likely guilty of over indulging the Bammers a bit, but I guess we err on the side of “too much” than “too little”. She has a bit of a Buddha belly as a result, but can still boot scoot when she feels like it.

Given her circumstances, we never bothered trying to find her original home. It was love at first sight for us anyway -- Bam Bam was a keeper. She is the current senior member of our entire dog clan, born somewhere in early to mid 2015. So, she’s sneaking up on middle age at this writing. She’s a permanent fixture in the house, basically the leader of "The Insiders Gang." She rules the toy box and always claims the best dog toys for herself. And, she’s a forever member of our family. Bamarooski is most definitely the poster child for “going from the shit house to the penthouse”.


  • Official name: Bam Bam Pretty Girl
  • Breed: Mixed (Lab, Chow, Other)
  • Color: Black
  • Born: Spring 2015
  • Favorite Dog Toy: Lulubelles Pigskin Football Plush
  • Favorite Snack: Whatever you're having

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