Funny dog memes and silly Instagram puppies and dogs to brighten up your day

7 Funny Dog Memes and Silly Instagram Dogs

7 Funny Dog Memes and Silly Instagram Dogs

Here are 7 funny dog memes and other silly Instagram dogs and puppies to brighten up your day. Be sure to check out number 3 … it hits a little too close to home for this writer :-)

1. You’ve reached customer service. Howl can I yelp you?


2. Sometimes we stand up just to fake ‘em out then sit back down again. That’s kinda mean, huh?


3. Old man butt.


4. Otherwise they’ll never stop bugging you, am I right?


5. Ron Burgundy: "Hello? Who is this? Baxter … is that you? Baxter! Bark twice if you’re in Milwaukee."


6. Go ahead, ask me again.


7. Installed one of those newfangled home security systems.


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