5 Squeaky Dog Toys Your New Puppy Will Love

5 Squeaky Dog Toys Your New Puppy Will Love

5 Squeaky Dog Toys Your New Puppy Will Love

Why Your Pup Loves Squeaky Dog Toys?

Ever wonder why squeaky dog toys are so popular with your pups? They have a box full of stuffed animals, bouncy balls, rope tugs, and rubber bones, yet they always gravitate to the noisiest playthings they can find. Turns out, there’s some evolutionary science behind that preference.

Those squeakers inside your dog’s favorite toy make a sound that arouses your pup’s inner wolf. The squeaking simulates the sound of prey, and your dog’s natural instincts kick in – hunt, chase, kill, eat – all the things they probably dream about. That may help explain why some mutts get so obsessive-compulsive with their squeaky dog toys. 

And, dogs get some sort of instant satisfaction from chomping on the noisemakers inside their playthings. Though we might get tired of hearing the constant squeak of their favorite toy, our pups are fighting boredom and staying happy. And that helps avoid the kind of destructive behavior that usually gets our babies in trouble. So, I say, “squeak away!” 

If you’re looking for playthings for your new puppy, here are 5 squeaky dog toys that are guaranteed to become favorites.

SPOT Vermont Fleece Bone Squeaky Dog Toys

This SPOT by Ethical Products Vermont Fleece plush bone is perhaps one of the softest, snuggliest squeaky dog toys your pup will love. For more than 60 years, SPOT has developed fun, safe, high-quality toys for our canine buddies. Their baby-soft fleece bones are a perfect example. Though they’re cuddle-worthy enough for quiet time, these bones feature a built-in squeaker that always leads to more rowdy fun.

Built tough enough to withstand the roughest playtime, SPOT Vermont Fleece Bone squeaky dog toys are suitable for indoor and outdoor fun. Available in three sizes -- 9-inch, 12-inch, and 18-inch – there’s a Vermont Fleece Bone ideal for any pup.

Check out all SPOT Vermont Fleece Bones.

PrideBites Squirrel Plush Squeaky Dog Toys

Among the only squeaky dog toys to ever appear on ABC’s Shark Tank, the PrideBites brand of plush critters are made from a proprietary foam stuffing and covered in durable fleece fabric. They’re non-toxic, vet-approved, and machine washable. 

Snuggly enough for nap time, this PrideBites Squirrel toy also features a squeaker sewn inside. So, you can bet that quiet time won’t last very long when there’s so much chomping and squeaking to be done. Mister Squirrel stands a little over 9-inches tall and a bit more than 6-inches wide. He’s joined by other members of the PrideBites family, including Pizza Slice, PawStars Sneaker, and Paws Lite Beer plush toys. 

See all PrideBites squeaky dog toys here.

KONG Wild Knots Flamingo

The KONG name has long been associated with tough, top-quality dog toys. Their Wild Knots lineup of plush-covered rope toys is a perfect example of the company’s commitment to combining canine fun with safety and durability.

These Wild Knots Flamingo squeaky dog toys feature an internal knotted rope framework with minimal stuffing, covered with a reinforced plush outer shell. And there’s a squeaker inside, guaranteeing your pup will never get bored. Available in two sizes, perfect for any dog -- 7” tall for smaller breeds and 12” tall for larger canines.

Shop KONG Wild Knots Flamingo now.

Hyper Pet Fire Hose Flyers Bumble Bee

These Hyper Pet Fire Hose Flyers take squeaky dog toys to the next level. They’re made from double-stitched and double-layered fire hose canvas – rugged enough to stand up to some serious outdoor shenanigans. They fly. They float. They squeak! And your dog will never let ‘em go.

The Hyper Pet Bumble Bee Flyer features a fun bug shape with floppy wings and dangly antennae. Internal squeakers ensure hours of interactive fun. The Bumble Bee Flyer measures about 6.5” in diameter and is a bit over 7” long from the tip of the antennae. Also available in a super fun Ladybug model flying disc.

Check out this Hyper Pet Fire Hose Flyer here.

Lulubelles Power Plush Sock Monkey Squeaky Dog Toys

Lulubelles Sock Monkey Squeaky Dog Toy

Built for cuddling but durable enough for rougher action, these Plush Sock Monkeys from Lulubelles are a perfect addition to your new puppy’s toy box. These sock monkeys are made to last with a super soft plush outer fabric, reinforced nylon seams, and a tough mesh inner lining. And they’re machine washable and dryer-friendly.

Don’t be surprised if this Lulubelles Power Plush Sock Monkey becomes one of your pup’s favorite squeaky dog toys. They’re guaranteed to go completely bananas over the interior squeakers and crinkle fill. And, when playtime is over, they have a new naptime snuggle buddy. Sounds like the perfect toy!

Check out the Lulubelles Power Plush Sock Monkey here.

Squeaky Dog Toys and Supervised Playtime

As shown earlier, our dogs are genetically hardwired to love the squeak. Another reason they like to chomp on their favorite noisemaker is to get your attention. They’re ready to play and want you to join in the fun. And that’s actually an excellent idea.

Supervised playtime is the safest way for your pet to enjoy any toy, especially those containing squeakers. Your pup’s natural instinct is to find and “kill” whatever is making the noise. After all, it sounds like prey to them. And considering that there is no such thing as a 100% indestructible dog toy, it’s likely that Fido will eventually make it to the middle of his squeaky toy. That makes it YOUR job to repair or replace torn or broken playthings before your pet can ingest any parts or pieces.

There are hundreds of squeaky dog toys to choose from. We’ve barely scratched the surface with the five featured above. Almost ALL the dog toys on JoePup.com contain one or more noisemakers or squeakers. And the best part about buying from our site is that all proceeds help our ever-growing family of rescues. As always, we’re grateful for your support.  

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