Ruff Dawg The Rock Rubber Retrieving Dog Toy

Brand: Ruff Dawg
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Ruff Dawg “The Rock” Rubber Retrieving Dog Toy

The folks at Ruff Dawg take “getting back to the basics” to the extreme. Meet “The Rock”, a new version of the old original dog toy. It’s shaped like a rock and it throws like a rock, but that’s where the similarity ends. Ruff Dawg’s Rock dog toy bounces, floats, and is available in a variety of bright neon colors. The super-grade rubber construction also means this Rock is gentle on teeth and gums.


  • Fun rock shape perfect for games of fetch
  • Solid super-grade rubber construction
  • Tough and puncture resistant
  • Soft and gentle on teeth and gums
  • Odd shape means crazy bouncing action
  • Floatable for water retrieval
  • Non-toxic and FDA approved
  • Recyclable
  • Made in the USA
  • Available in Blue, Red, Green or Yellow

All dogs are different. Some are happy just snuggling with their favorite cuddle toy while others like their playtime a bit more on the rough and rugged side. And no matter how tough and durable your pet’s playthings may be, there’s simply no such thing as a 100% completely indestructible dog toy. That’s why we always encourage supervised playtime. Should your dogs’ toys ever start to tear or break, please replace them immediately to avoid accidental ingestion of small pieces or parts.

* Please note that the Ruff Dawg Rock is intended for interactive fun and should not be considered a chew toy.


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